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No More Knots has always placed a HUGE investment and emphasis on the importance of professional development. Ever since day dot, back in 2000 when we first started, Kelly ran regular small group workshops which eventually progressed into larger group tutorials.
These days we have a dedicated Training Co-ordinator Nathan Jones
 (Advanced level Myotherapist) running monthly tutorials, small group sessions & 1:1 sessions at each of our clinic locations. You may even see our current GM, Thea delivering or engaging in the odd tutorial! This opportunity for ongoing access to inhouse learning and development sets NMK apart from many other businesses in the industry, and is a key attraction for many Therapists.
Keep an eye on the MindBody diary & on the FB groups for info on when tutorials have been scheduled, and if you wish to arrange a small group workshop or 1:1 session with Nathan, please go to your Practice Manager.
We encourage our entire team to take advantage of this training & to provide feedback & insight to us on what you would like to learn about so that we ensure you are continuing to develop greater knowledge, confidence & skills in your therapy journey with NMK.

CHECK OUT THE BELOW EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS  .. we would love your feedback!!


Brian's workshop 20/06/23
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