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Complete Invoice

The invoice template would have been emailed to you when you first started (part of the welcome email). The video showing you how to fill it in is below. Please make sure all information including client details, initials & pay rates are correct. Any questions, ask your team mates or practice manager.

Submit On Time

All invoices are due every second Thursday by 9am. Only use this email address for submitting: If you get your invoice in late, payment may be delayed until the following fortnight. If you need an extension, we can sometimes allow this but not always. Please contact Emma, our Admin Manager directly or Thea for this.

SOAP Notes

As per your contract and also our professional industry standards, all client treatment notes (SOAP notes) must be up to date for invoices to be paid on time.

If you need an extension, you must speak to your PM before invoice payment day. We cannot always give extensions, but depending on circumstances we will aim to be fair & reasonable


All invoices are paid via direct bank transfer. NMK banks with CBA, if you are with another bank, the funds will usually be received overnight, however some banks are faster than others.

If you bank with CBA, payments re usually received within the hour.

If your payment is not there the next day, always contact Emma or Thea directly via text and they can followup urgently. 

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