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So what is this Raving Fans Stats thing all about, and is there some book I am meant to have read? The answer is YES, read on if you want to be in the loop........
Do you want to be one of the most requested and booked out therapists around? Who doesn't right!? So yes, technical hands on skills & knowledge is crucial for any therapist, however, what we have learnt from 20 years of experience is people come back to a clinic & to that therapist because of their WHOLE EXPERIENCE, how you treat them and how they feel throughout the whole visit. This book Raving Fans whilst not very long and simple in its message, inspired Kelly our founder in the very first years she started NMK and it worked! The insights in the pages are still as relative and as important to anyone who wants to be a successful kick ass practitioner. It is why we named our performance data "Raving Fans Stats". Do yourself a favor, watch Kels video below, read the book, take notes, establish some habits that will see you have non stop raving fans & watch your client list grow!

Kels View on Raving Fans

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