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All Things Reception

Receptionists at NMK are largely responsible for almost every aspect of the day-to-day running of the clinics. From answering client queries, making appointments, managing the diary and taking payments to general cleaning/tidying, laundry, stock checking and ordering; their days are normally non-stop busy! Taking the time to get to know the reception team, remember their names and help out when you can will pay you back ten fold in the long run. Below are really essential bits of info that will help you have a smooth day but also ensure the reception team are stress free if you remember them. 


If you ever need help with anything, just ask! 



Arriving with plenty of time (ideally 10-15min before your first client) means you will have time to make sure your room ready, you have enough towels, oils etc. plus read over your client notes & info for the day. If you develop a reputation as someone who runs late, it will 100% effect the amount of clients who see you (who wants to rebook with someone who always runs late!?), plus the trust your team mates have in you. The reception team are the face of the business, it is not fun to have clients tapping their foot and getting agitated when a therapist is running late, please save us from the awkward conversations and be on time. If for some reason you are running late with something totally out of your control, ALWAYS call to let reception know so they can at least give our clients a heads up. Its saves lots of stress and it is simple customer service.


We understand sometimes things happen, but PLEASE always do your best to run on time with your appointments so you don't leave clients waiting. Or, if you know that you are going to be running late, let the team on the desk know so they can advise your next client when they arrive or even better send them a courtesy SMS to let them know so they aren't wasting their time. With enough notice, we can sometimes contact them in advance to come a little bit later to their appointment so they aren't sitting around waiting for you and getting frustrated. Little things like this make a BIG difference to your clients experience and the reception teams stress levels for the day. 

3. CHECK YOUR START TIME (regularly!)

Know when you are due to be at the clinic for a shift and arrive promptly. Our reception team are responsible for contacting clients directly, and if you miss your start time and are late we may end up having to reschedule appointments for you. It's not a nice feeling for them when dealing with unhappy clients, so do your best not to put them in uncomfortable situations that can be avoided. 


When your clients arrive at the clinic, reception are responsible for checking them in. This includes marking them as "Arrived" through MindBody which will change the status of the appointment (they will appear dark purple in status mode), and making an announcement via the PA system (Gslopes) or through Google Hangouts (at Taringa/Newmarket) 

At Greenslopes:

If you are in the break room, reception will use the phone system to call through. There is a phone on the wall beside the computers. You don't need to pick it up, just speak loudly and respond when you hear them.

If you are in a treatment or not in the break room, reception will use our PA system and a call will sound out through the clinic to advise you of your next client's arrival. You will hear something like:

"(Your Name), your next client has arrived upstairs/downstairs. That was for (Your Name)". 
At Newmarket and Taringa:

If you are in the break room, reception will use the phone system to call through. There is a phone on the wall beside the computers. You don't need to pick it up, just speak loudly and respond when you hear them. If you are in treatment, reception will use Google Hangouts to send you an instant message. Each treatment room has its own tablet and speaker which you can use to play music. It will 'ding' when you receive a message from reception to notify you of your next client. 


Sometimes it can get extremely busy on reception and they may forget or not yet have the chance to make an announcement or check in a client properly. A client may also call and notify us that they are running late, but reception has not yet had the chance to pass on the message. 

Stay alert, when you know you are due for a client and check the system. 3-5mins into the appointment time, if you have not heard anything or cannot see that your client is at the clinic via the system, make sure you either call or walk to to reception directly and let them know. Do not wait around hoping someone will come chat to you, reception gets busy and we need therapists to communicate with us when this happens. 


Therapists taking the time to rebook their own clients can make a MASSIVE difference to how busy their diary is. Its a more personal touch & the client is more likely to commit to ongoing care with the therapist than a reception team member. Take the time to get familiar with the MindBody system so this is an easy process for you. If you really don't have the time, make sure to clearly advise them of your recommended time frame for follow up so they can answer reception when they ask them at check out. The reception team are trained to say "Did _____ recommend a time for a follow up treatment?"

If you are able to rebook the client in yourself, please make sure that you double check the the clients name, date, time, and most importantly, THERAPIST! We have previously had therapists rebook the wrong client in and not realise until the day of the treatment, which can create a very awkward/difficult situation reception to handle! Thank you for your care with this. 



None of these things below are an expectation, but if you take the time to help someone out (reception or therapists) they are always going to be very likely to help you out on a day when you need help in return.  The reception team will be super appreciative of any help you give in this space. 

1. Folding Towels - The girls are responsible for managing the laundry throughout the day. Sometimes when things get busy there can be mountains of fresh linen that they are trying to fold (Mount Washmore!)! If you find yourself with some spare time and want to lend a hand, it would be super helpful for you to help them fold up the linen ready for storage.  

2. Bring down New Client forms to reception - As part of the process for initial clients, reception are responsible for entering all the client's details onto their profile in MindBody. Therapists can often leave them in common areas such as tea and break rooms as they might be using them for notes. If you notice any lying about and are headed down to reception, it would be super helpful if you could bring them with you and hand them to the girls. It obviously saves them time going hunting for them, and if they are handed in as soon as possible they are less likely to go missing!

3. Collect the used linen and bring to the laundry areas - This is particularly helpful at the Greenslopes clinic as there are multiple areas for therapists to store used linen between clients. This means that there are multiple areas that reception has to collect it from when they are running loads. If you notice it piling up and are able to give a hand, simply by moving the dirty linen around to the main laundry areas can be super helpful and save reception valuable time. 

4. Bring down empty oil bottles to reception - This helps save the girls time running arround to find the finished bottles and they can refill them prompty for the team. If you notice yours or any spares that are empty, bring them down with you to reception. 

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