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Following is the list of survey questions that we ask our clients following treatment:

  1. How would you rate your treatment?

  2. Are you able to give 3 examples on how could we improve on that rating?

  3. How would you rate the pressure of your treatment?

  4. Did your therapist ask throughout the treatment if the pressure was okay?

  5. How did you find the time management of your treatment?

  6. How would you rate both the professionalism and presentation of your therapist?

  7. What were 3 things that you felt the therapist did really well?

  8. How did you find the overall layout and feel of the clinic?

  9. How would you rate the reception team in regards to their helpfulness and professionalism?

  10. Was there anything that you felt the reception did exceptionally or was there an area they could have improved on?

  11. Did your therapist give you any of the following suggestions/advice:

    1. Specific stretches

    2. Strengthening exercises

    3. Heat or Cold packs

    4. Follow up treatment needed & time frame discussion

    5. Referral to another health professional

    6. Other general advice

  12. Do you give us permission to share your feedback on social media platforms?

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