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 Your First Shift @ NMK 


Make sure you have watched ALL the training videos and read all the information on the Intraknot NEW TO NMK pages in the correct order


Read over your contract and sign it, please bring it along and give to your practice manager before you start. If you have questions, make sure you call to talk through them before your first day. The contract needs to be signed before you start like any new job. 


Ensure you have read through the therapist committment document and understand it all in full. This document will help make sure your time at NMK is smooth sailing! 


On arrival to NMK, make sure you introduce yourself to the reception team and find out what room you will be working in today. They are the people that will help you out when you need help. Any kindness you show them will come back ten fold. 


Make sure you arrive with enough time to be able to set up your treatment room, have music sorted and be able to read through your client SOAP notes for the day so you feel prepared. 


Remember, if you wake up and see your shift has only 1-2 clients or none at all, please remember that on some days more than 50% of our bookings are SAME DAY. Expect your day to change and more bookings to come. So have your phone handy on any day you are working. 


While we know everyone is often a bit nervous on their first day at any new job, remember to relax and enjoy it! We are lucky to work in such a great industry that sees clients walking out in a much better state than when they walked in! Have confidence in yourself and  your ability to give clients a great treatment! 

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