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Below are some of the most common areas that managers are asked about the contract agreements we have for therapists. Please make sure you do you best to understand this information and help a thearpist feel as comfortable as possible with the information we have provided. Its normal for some people to feel nervous signing a contract, but they should always take comfort in the fact NMK has been around for over 20 years, if we had a reputation for sham contracts or treating people unfairly, we would not have a team of our size. If you have requests for any more questions/topics to be covered below, just let Kel or KD know. Feel free to copy and paste and of the information below if you are replying to an email to a therapist, if you are uncertain, always check with KD. Happy reading!

  • Restraint of Trade:

    • This clause is in place is most contractor roles, not just in our industry but also accounting, law, construction etc. It is there to ensure each contractor respects that clients of No More Knots stay as clients of No More Knots. We hope for any therapist that moves on from NMK one day to start their own business, that when they put in the years of hard work & investing in their business they will be able to eventually recruit their own team members. We hope that at this stage, they have team members that see how hard they worked on getting new clients through the door & ensure they have this same policy respected for them.

    • Often it takes a client many years of seeing our signage/advertising (which costs tens of thousands of dollars) or up to 5-10 people to mention how great they had heard our business was or seeing our advertising through Google/Facebook/Instagram (which costs us thousands per month). For this reason each new client that books in an appointment has a huge value associated to it, one that is very difficult to put a price on.

    • Restraint Areas: The 5km/2km/1km radius refers to the distance in which someone can start/open their own business or work withing another clinic from a No More Knots clinic when they move on from us one day. 5km is the standard distance, 2km/1km are there for any special circumstances, and for example a therapist has a disability and cannot open a clinic further from their own premises than this due to transport restrictions.  If anyone wishes to work for another clinic or start their own clinic in a distance which is less than 5km from NMK, we are open to discussions around this as long as there is honesty & transparency from both parties. They would need to put the request in writing to the Practice Manager/Kel/KD and then we would handle on a case by case scenario.

    • Restraint Periods: This relates to the time periods in which you can seek or accept work from an NMK client after moving on. 2 years is the standard agreement, 1yr/6months/3months are there for special circumstances such as the client has moved away and is now closer to the location which a therapist has now opened, or there is a mutual agreement between NMK and the therapist relating to specific clients. Again we are open to discussions on this, as long as there is honesty & transparency from both parties.

  • Exit Fee: This fee was introduced due to a couple of key reasons. Therapists coming on board and taking advantage of all the free training and resources available to them and leaving NMK in a short period when they got the training they wanted. Also therapists coming on board for a short time as they know how busy NMK can be & how much work they can get to save money & then move either interstate or overseas. Training & induction is a huge investment plus several hours of administrative time is required to bring on board new therapists. This fee is to ensure these costs are partially covered if someone does the wrong thing. We estimate the cost of on boarding a new therapist to be around 12-15 hours of combined admin/manager/training time (over $500 in cost to the business). We would always be open to considering negotiating on this fee if someone needed to leave in circumstances out of their control, such has having to move or leave due to family reasons or health reasons etc. We are very fair and reasonable in these situations.

  • Hire Fee: The hire fee is required for any business that has contractors using their space & equipment. The rate offered by the manager in your interview will always be the rate AFTER the hire fee is taken off, the only amount which will reduce the hourly rate we agree on is the GST on hire fees which is 50 cents per hour service. We have no control over this tax as it’s a government fee paid directly to the government. 

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