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TEAM UPDATE | June 29th 2020

Hey Team, Happy Monday!

We are finally back with another reception update, and there are lots of important reminders so please read on carefully. I can't believe half a year has flown by since our last one!



Firstly, I want to say a HUGE thank you to each and every one of you! It has been such a wild last few months from our closure to reopening and all of you have been instrumental to our success! It was nothing that we could have truly prepared for, but with our amazing team behind us and all the support we had to get back on our feet we have well and truly made it safely out the other side. AND we have been busier than ever these last few weeks!

We absolutely could not have done it without you all – SO THANK YOU!

We have a lovely RECEPTION SOCIAL planned for Saturday 11th of July to help celebrate making it through the first half of our year. Please make sure to RSVP to the event on Facebook, and I hope that you will come join us for a relaxing arvo at New Farm park – cake and rose will be provided.

I hope to see you all there!



Last week we welcomed our newest Junior Receptionist Keana! Many of you have met her already, and a big thank you goes out to the girls who have helped with her training so far.

You may have also noticed that we have finally recruited our latest CLINIC COORDINATOR: Ellie!

Ellie started her training with us on Thursday 25th at Greeny and will be a familiar face all next week at the clinic so please make sure to introduce yourself and help make her feel welcome!

Introducing these roles at Taringa and Newmarket this year has gone a long way in helping us manage our administration and create consistency across our clinics. As a few of our senior casuals are now at the end of their degrees and looking to move on from us soon, we wanted to take the opportunity to bring on this new position at our Greenslopes clinic while we still have a strong team in place to help us train and support them while they get comfortable in the role. As you all know, this can take some time! Thank you all in advance for your help and guidance through this time.

We have also said goodbye to Ariana as she takes up a full time position in another role. She will hopefully be joining us for our upcoming events so you will all have an opportunity to see her and wish her well. It's been a pleasure having her with us :).




Now that restrictions have lifted and we will have entered Stage 3 after July 10, we have been able to plan and organise our annual XMAS in July event. For those of you that can remember previous years, NMK Xmas in July events are loads of fun, and a great opportunity for EVERYONE to come together! There is always a prize for the best ugly Xmas Sweater, and will be held at a restaurant in China Town. We are still waiting to confirm where this will be, so stay tuned for an update. NMK pays for all the food and corkage, and we pick a BYO venue for everyone to bring their own drinks. Please RSVP ASAP. We really hope to see as many of the NMK there as possible, and we do need to let the restaurant know numbers as soon as possible for catering AND for restriction reasons.

Most of you have not responded to this one so please get on to the event and RSVP ASAP!


We have our next reception meeting coming up on Tuesday 7th July starting at 9am at the Greeny clinic. We have lost of important items to discuss, and these meetings are an opportunity to bring us all together and discuss things in person. So please, make you best efforts to come along and flick me an email if you can’t be there.

We want to make sure that we are making the best of our limited time together, so as usual we will be sticking to the agenda as much as possible. If you have something on your mind that you feel is important to discuss (even if you feel like it will already be on our list) please send me an email.



These are reminders on the little things that have been noticed over the last few weeks.

1) Remember to delete voicemails from the phone once you have listened and actioned the message. The directions are prompted on the machine.

2) Make sure all Green starred appointments are booked in as initials or merged with the appropriate file. ALWAYS TRIPPLE CHECK ADDITIONAL DETAILS ON THE PROFILES BEFORE YOU MERGE!

3) Cleaning: Floors need to be vacuumed/swept and mopped daily. The clinics see a lot of traffic every day, and so need frequent attention. Please try to include treatment rooms that are not in use. Be mindful of your choice in timing too

4) Diary Checks: Please look ahead in advance for initial clients, health fund issues, odd appointments, multiple pregs, etc. and make the appropriate call to the client and or changes to the appointment as soon as it is noticed. Do not leave for later, even if it is weeks out. The more notice we have the more availability we have to rearrange the appointment.

5) Announcements: Make sure to announce / contact the therapist if you make a booking while they are in treatment. Be clear with the name of the therapist and time of the appointment, and repeat the name at the end. A few therapists have felt we have missed this recently, and

6) COVID Log: Each clinic should have a printed log at the reception desk for anyone who enters the clinic who is not having a treatment or a staff member. Anyone who walks in, whether they are just enquiring about a massage, or buy a gift voucher or making a delivery, must fill out their details on the log. This is to help us keep a record of additional traffic in and out of our clinic who aren’t recorded in our diary, and will help us follow up correctly if we ever needed to contact trace.

7) Cancellation Lists: Make sure you are offering spots on this AND trying to book an alternative spot on a different day. If they don’t want to make a future booking in the moment and just want the cancel list, please make sure to ask if they would like reception to follow up with them the next day.

8) Checking out MALCs: Make sure to check that all appointments on the diary INCLUDING missed appointments and late cancels are checked out in the retail screen and appear in blue at the EOD. If they are not retailed, they will not appear in our client history.

9) Appointment Notes: Use this as much as possible! If you have actioned something or contacted a client make sure a clear note is written so anyone who sees it is able to respond easily.

10) SOAP NOTES: Be mindful that client treatment notes are now attached to the appointment. If you need to make a change that relies on you deleting an appointment, please copy the soap note to a word document so you can copy it back in. Therapists will be very upset if you delete their work!


Keep up the amazing work everyone! And remember to ask for help/training time if you are ever unsure of a process :)

Please like the facebook post to acknowledge that you have read this update.

Have a great week Everyone!

Em X

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