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TEAM UPDATE | May 27th 2021

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Hey Ladies!

I have quite a few reminders and new pieces of information in this update, so please take the time to read through it and follow up with any questions as necessary.



The Daily Task sheet for each clinic covers the bare minimum roles that need to be completed on your shift; they are NOT the only tasks you are responsible for.

As reception, you are responsible for providing outstanding customer service, and autonomously performing administrative tasks and other clinic responsibilities.

These include:

  • Cleaning and maintaining common areas/tea rooms/bathrooms

  • Making sure waiting rooms are tidy and welcoming for clients

  • Checking stock

  • Making sure the team has everything available for effective and efficent customer service

  • Looking forward to potential client issues or clashes in the diary and finding a solution

When on reception, you are expected to always be on the move and look out for what you can be doing to improve and maintain effective clinic operation. Just because something is not on our Daily Task list, does not mean that it is not in your scope of work to help out and get it done.

At the end of your day, it is important that as part of your close up you ensure that the main clinic space is tidy for the next day before your departure. You are responsible for your time management throughout the day, and making sure that you stay on track to complete all your responsibilities in due time. If you are held up or are unable to complete set duties, it is your responsibility to communicate that to a manager and your team.


There has been feedback raised recently with the overall level of cleanliness at the clinics, particularly at Greenslopes. While we do have fortnightly cleaners to help assist us due to the volume of traffic we see in and out of the clinic, there is still a large responsibility on reception during our regular weekly cleans.

At Greenslopes, the Cleaning Shift is allocated from 7:30am to 12pm. During this time in addition to cleaning and remaking the treatment rooms up, you are expected to:

  1. Refill/restock all oils/creams/waxes + make sure there are spares for easy rotation

  2. Thorough clean of bathrooms and toilets including scrubbing tiles, cleaning out drain, cleaning out the cupboards and drawers.

  3. Thorough clean of the tea rooms including cleaning out the fridge, cleaning out cupboards and drawers. **Downstairs tea room can be done in depth on Monday as part of the downstairs clean, and the upstairs tea room can be done in depth on Tuesday as part of the upstairs clean.**

All these above points are broken down on the cleaning checklist, but it has been noticed that they are not consistently being attended to. Please make sure if you are next on a cleaning shift that you make sure to raise awareness to these areas to make sure we can keep our clinic looking and running as great as we can! And not just at Greenslopes, but all locations!

The only part of the clinic clean that has a time limit on it is the treatment rooms as we want to make sure that we can get therapists and clients in and using that space as soon as we can. At Greenslopes you will need to be done with treatment rooms by 10am at the latest, but then still have significant time to attend to the other areas.

We understand that cleaning is not everyones favourite job, but we have always ---- level of expectation on reception's responsibility and duties in regards to cleaning at No More Knots.

At Taringa and Newmarket these tasks can be broken up over the week as it can be very difficult to get through the full clean list of a morning before clients arrive! It is expected that they get attended to at least once over the week.


At Greenslopes, please do your best to limit pregnancy appointments to 1 at a time so we can accomodate them in Room 3. We have a spare attachment if we need to use it urgently. If we do have overlap, please make sure that we are first looking at how far along each client is in their pregnancy, as we generally give preference of Room 3 to those closest to the due date. If we have two clients at the same point in their pregnancy, preference would go to the client who booked first. In this instance, it would be a great idea to call the client and try to offer an alternative time that they can be allocated in Room 3 if at all possible, letting them know that it is already booked at that time.


We have been trialing a supporting shift over at Newmarket on Saturdays to help meet the demand of the clinic during busier times. During the trial of this we found that the hours we had allocated we not quite as effective as we had initially hoped when they were overlapping. We have decided to make an adjustment to these times and split the shift times, having the second receptionist staying till 4:30pm. This later finish time will allow time for tasks to be completed undisturbed at the end of the day, and for the clinic to be properly cleaned up and set up for Monday.

Alex has created a Saturday Checklist to assist in guiding you if you are working the weekend shift on what is expected. If you are unable to attend to any of the tasks for some reason, it is your responsiblity to communicate this.

If you are working the later shift, it does mean that you will be responsible for setting the alarms and completely closing up the clinic if all therapists have left before you (occassionally some of them hang back late).

Already at the end of the day, reception is in charge of locking up the clinic doors and turning off aircons. You will also be in charge of making sure all lights are off, and the alarm is armed before you go.

Please make sure you have been shown how to do this if you are unsure.


Aside from the Greenslopes Reception computer that controls the music for the PA system, ALL reception computers should be completely shut down at the end of each day. There is no need for them to remain on, and it does have an impact on their running performance and life span.


Osteoworks will only be renting a room at Taringa on Wednesdays only from now on. They will no longer be there on Mondays.


Some of you may already be aware, but Jess will be stepping out of the Practice Manager role and turning all her energy to being a great therapist. We knew this would likely happen at some stage with Jess’s original plans to head overseas being halted with Covid, so this has just come a little earlier than we anticipated, but we fully support her decision. Her last day in the PM role will be Wednesday June 2nd. Jess will be staying on as a therapist at the Newmarket clinic on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays.

In the time it takes to find a great replacement for the PM role, KD and I have agreed to split the role between us so we can continue to support the team at Newy.

Our current plan at the moment is that KD will work from the Newmarket office on Mondays and Wednesdays, and I will be there on Thursdays and Fridays.

We will do our best to keep you guys updated if we are ever changing locations. If there are ever days that there is not a manager present at the clinic you are working at, please help us out by making sure you keep communication open and reach out with any updates or concerns that you need assistance with or that you feel we need to be aware of.


From now on, there are only two ways for a client to purchase a gift voucher; in-store or online. If needed in extreme cases, we may consider purchasing one over the phone and creating one for them as we have previously done, but only if we deem that it is actually necessary to secure a sale!

We have trialled this for the last couple of weeks, and any client that has been given the option of online or in-store has been happy to choose one of those options.

Not only can it take considerable time administratively, but it is a process open to a lot of human error. Hopefully you guys will be happy with this decision!

Please note that gift vouchers need to have a minimum 3 year expiry. All our hard copy gift vouchers still say 12 months expiry as we have not had a new batch printed. Our MIND BODY versions through the online store were changed a while ago to say 3 years. All you need to do is assure clients that we will honour it for the minimum 3 year period :)


Our next team meeting is Tuesday 29th June starting at 8:30am. It is an expectation that everyone makes their best efforts to attend, and you must email me to advise if you are unable to make it.

Please follow the link to a quick survey monkey where you can have your say on the agenda.

It is important to me that you all have a say in what you feel is important for us to cover as a group.


Thanks Team,

Enjoy the rest of your week!


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