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TEAM UPDATE | April 30th 2021


It's been a while, but I am back with a very quick update with a few reminders of a some key items. Please be sure to have a read and check in directly with me if you have any questions.



We have two new casual members to welcome to our team; Willow and Meg! They have both been with us for a couple weeks now so hopefully most of you have gotten a chance to meet them.

Willow (see pic to the left) has joined us from the Sunshine Coast, and has moved to St Lucia to begin study of her Bachelor degree in International Relations.

Meg (unfortunately I am missing her photo) joined us a few weeks ago now, and has begun her Bachelor of Nursing this year.

They are both super lovely, and will be amazing additions to our team. Thank you to everyone who has been part of their training process!


Our next recepo social is coming up next weekend on Saturday 8th! We have dinner booked at Joey's Restaurant (29 River Terrace, Kangaroo Point) @ 5:30pm. It's been a good while since we have all gotten together and it will be a great opportunity to get to know our latest team members!

Hope you can all make it! Please be sure to confirm your RSVP on the facebook event today. so I can confirm numbers with the restaurant.


Please be sure to use the correct block outs when marking off a therapist's timeoff. I have attempted to make all the incorrect client profiles 'Inactive' but someone seems to keep using them as they keep poping up in the diary!

Please make sure you are choosing 'TIMEOFF REQUEST' as the client profile for all time off blockouts. Then in the service type section you can select Late or Early.

Any other client profile will not allow me to collect accurate data for our reports.


Most of us are really good at this, but please make sure that we are always offering the cancellation list when appropriate if we cannot find a suitable appointment. This provides us a better opportunity to fill spots when we receive cancellations.

It is also part of your daily check to follow up on the previous day's cancellation list. This means giving the client a call to see if we can get them in at an alternative time or day, as we weren't able to get them off the cancellation list that day. Future bookings should always be offered at the same time as a cancellation list, but some clients choose not to at the time and like to take their chances.

To avoid awkward conversations, it is important that you delete clients from the cancellation list if you are able to offer them a spot or if follow up is not necessary. It is a good idea to ask the client on the phone if they would would like the reception team to follow them up the next day if we can't get them in. This way they are:

1) Expecting a call the following day

2) We save time for the team the next day if this is not necessary.

When completing your checks you should be deleting the cancelation list once follow up has been actioned or if it is not neccessary.

In short, we should not see any appointments on the cancellation list historically, only for future days.


Please ensure that you are always doing your best to be the warm and welcoming face of our clinics.

That means:

- Greeting/acknowledging each client AS SOON AS THEY WALK IN THE DOOR. Do not wait for them to arrive at the desk in front of you.

- Use eye contact. This demonstrates that you are paying attention to them and making them a priority.

- Smile! No matter how bad a day you are having, put on a warm face when you are behind the desk. Show people that you are kind and care about their experience here with us.

Remember, you are the first and last person each client sees, which means you can have an impact on how their experience starts and how it ends. Make sure you are having a meaningful and positive influence!


I recently put a post up in our facebook group regarding this so hopefully you are all already getting started on your entries!

Remember, to enter you will need to create something fantastic on the A-Frame and take a picture with yourself in it. Make sure it is a good quality photo and email it through to me directly.

It could be a funny pun or phrase, or advertising a product for the clinic, ect.. Its up to you, I just encourage you to have fun and be creative! Just keep in mind that they will end up on our socials so make sure they are appropriate. Group submissions are accepted :)


Our next team meeting is Tuesday 29th June starting at 8:30am. It is an expectation that everyone makes their best efforts to attend, and you must email me to advise if you are unable to make it.

Please follow the link to a quick survey monkey where you can have your say on the agenda.

It is important to me that you all have a say in what you feel is important for us to cover as a group.


Thanks Team,

Enjoy the rest of your week!


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