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TEAM UPDATE | January 3rd 2020


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Can't wait to see what 2020 brings for our Team :)


As you know, we said goodbye to Milly at the end of the year as she heads off to start her new adventure in the UK. It's sad to see any of our team go, but we can't wait to see what what her future brings!

We are also seeing another member of our team go this month! Jacqui has accepted a nursing position at the Mater Hospital, and will be leaving us to start that this year. Her final day at NMK will be Jan 10th.

We are so grateful to have had both of these lovely ladies as part of our team and are thankful for all the time they have given to NMK!

We wish you all the best Girls!!!

We have also welcomed our newest team member this past month; Katie!

She will be working mainly over at Greenslopes this month as she continues to learn the ropes, so make sure to say 'hey' if you haven't had the chance already :)



As mentioned previously, we have two new members joining the admin team this year.

They will be joining the team in the new position of 'Çlinic Coordinator'. In this role, they will be functioning as a full time receptionist, with some extra responsibilities to help support the management team and general running of the clinics.

We have spent significant time looking for the right people to take these roles on & we are happy to say we have successfully recruited 2 lovely ladies for these positions at Taringa and Newmarket.

Amber, who will be our Taringa Clinic Coordinator, will be starting training on Tuesday Jan 7th.

She is in her mid 20’s, has worked for the past 4-5 years running the reception and front office of a dental clinic in Redcliff. She is leaving her current place of work is she is moving out near Ipswich to be closer to her family and her partner. She is super bubbly person that is really easy to talk to with loads of experience in dealing with so many of the same sorts of things we deal with in our clinic on a day to day basis.

Alex, who will be our Newmarket Clinic Coordinator will be starting training on Tuesday Jan 21st. She is is a wife & mum of two daughters in their early 20s who lives in Red Hill. She has had a number of different roles in her working career, most recently running the office of a physio/massage/exercise phys multi-modality clinic in West End. Unfortunately this clinic is closing down and therefore Alex is looking for new opportunities. She is very positive, bubbly and experienced in all the things we do in an allied health clinic. We think she will add so much value to the team at Newmarket and be a big support to management.

Both of these ladies now have their shifts up on Deputy which you will all be able to see. If you are rostered on with either of them, we will be asking for your assistance in teaching them all things NMK so they are ready to take on their roles at their respective clinics! We thank you all in adavance for your efforts and help with this!



We had an request recently come through our Taringa clinic which was whether a gift voucher could be used to purchase a membership.

The short answer: No.

With a membership, we need a consistent method of payment for the 12mths (or at minimum 6mths). It becomes too unpredicatable to work out how much to put on the card and how/when they are going to use it. There's also not much point to it. Why have a membership giving you a treatment to use every month within a time frame, when you have money sitting there on a gift card that you could just use at any time?

If you every get a request similar to this... suggest purchasing a massage pack. :)



Please make sure that you are helping to maximise the daily diary as much as possible!!!

1. When clients are after an appointment same day and there is nothing avail at the clinic they have requested, remember to ALWAYS offer the other clinics. When you arrive for your shift, please always remember to check the other clinics availability & check it throughout your shift so you know what you can offer clients.

2. Use the cancellation list if clients really don’t want to travel to another clinic. Priority is to get them booked in for a future appointment first, THEN also offer to put them on the cancellation list.

3. If we get a walk-in and they want something straight away and we don’t have it, always get their number so we can call them if someone no shows or late cancels. We want them to see we will do everything we can to get them in if we can. Please also ALWAYS try to book them in for a day in the future “Would you like me to pop something in for tmrw just in case you cant get in anywhere today? We only require 4 business hours’ notice if you want to cancel it”. Give them our opening hours, a business card etc.

Anything to make them feel like this is the clinic to come back to if there is no chance of getting them in today.



It is very easy for a payment to get mixed up at our Taringa and Newmarket clinics - pretty sure every one of us has done it at some point! The important thing to do is to accurately record the payment so we are able to balance this out. Osteoworks rents rooms from us, and therefore we invoice them montly for this. When a payment is processed through NMK rather than Osteoworks, we simply deduct this from the invoice at the end of the month. In order for us to do this though, we need an accurate record of the payment!

Please make sure to note the details of the discrepancy on both the EOD closeout sheet AND in the email that is sent to reception at Osteoworks.

The details include:

- Patient name

- Therapist

- Date

- Amount paid

For every incorrect payment, this information must be forwarded to Osteoworks in an email and for the person who does up the invoice for each month to note on the invoice.



Thank you to everyone who worked over the Chrissy and New Year period! We know this is a great time to get away and spend time with friends & fam, but NMK needs our recepo team to keep its doors open! We appreciate all of you who were able to help out during this crucial time for us!


That's it from me for now. Please make sure to ask if you have any questions about any of the above!

Have a great weekend everyone! Lets get ready to smash 2020 together! xxx

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