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TEAM UPDATE | December 11th 2020

Happy Friday Team!

As we get ready for what can be our busiest period and our fresh start in the new year, I wanted to take the time to set out a clear reminder of expectations and standards that we should be holding ourselves to everyday.

We all need a reminder sometimes, particularly when times are tough and busy, but we should be aiming to put our best foot forward everyday.


  1. Attitude - We are bright, warm and friendly with everyone, team members and clients alike. Everyone has bad days but you are responsible for leaving it at the door and putting on a strong face in the work place. Your mood will affect others around you and your performance in your role. Think and reflect on the energy you are bringing with you into work, and how you are presenting to the world. You are the face of our business!

  2. Service - Reflect on what great service means to you and how you would like to be treated? Greet clients as soon as they enter our clinic. Don't leave anyone waiting or unattended. Always acknowledge the client and let them know you will be with them shortly if you cannot help them straight away. Think about your words, tone, expression when dealing with others and how might they be coming across? We want to be kind, friendly and confident!

  3. Time - We arrive at least 10 minutes BEFORE our start time to allow a smooth, calm, stress free start to our day. You should be at the desk, in full uniform, ready to start your shift at your allocated start time.

  4. Task Management - You are responsible for managing your time within your shift and completing all expected tasks. Think positively about your role and what you can do/achieve in your time to help and improve the clinic, experience for your team and clients. As reception, we are in charge of client care AND clinic opperations. We each need to be able to manage both well. If you have an early finish, make sure that you manage your tasks so you are able to leave at your scheduled time - this also requires your team mate arriving BEFORE their start time, as discussed above. It is not appropriate or professional for you to drop all service simply because you are due to go. If you are in the middle of serving clients, you should finish doing so before handing over with your team mate and preparing to leave. Think about how this would look to the clients if you were to do so mid service?

  5. Professionalism - Think about all points of behaviour and presentation in the work place. Think about whether it is appropriate. You are not on show just when a client is in front of you. You should be presenting at the same high standard all the time.

  6. Clients - CLIENTS COME FIRST ALWAYS. Our team understand that. Do not continue a casual conversation and miss greeting or acknowledging a client or phone call. Take action immediately.

  7. Appearance - Clean uniform, hair neat and tidy.

  8. Phones - Phones on SILENT and away in tearoom/office. There is no need to be on them for personal use during work hours.

  9. Breaks - Most of our shifts are longer than 5hours so we definitely encourage you to be able to take a break. Given the unusual structure of our job there are no set break times and you are responsible for managing the best time for you to step away and have something to eat. Communicate clearly with your team. NO FOOD AT THE DESK. Tea/coffee or water only is acceptable. We ask that you not chew gum at the desk either as this does not look professional.

  10. Conversation - Think about the appropriateness of the personal conversations you have at the desk. Is this something you would want a client or manager to here? Is it professional behaviour or discussion? Be mindful of volume as voices carry easily throughout the clinic.


We are all human and can all slip from time to time. But it is important that we understand our expectations and know that we are all on the same page all trying to achieve the same goal.

*So I know that you have read through the above, please send me a brief email with a key take away for yourself, and a positive point of feedback that you have for one of your team mates.

For example: someone you feel provides excellent service, is always on time, ect. *

Thanks Team,

EM x

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