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Under the Health Professionals and Support Services Award [MA000027], depending on the length of your shift, workers are entitled to a rest and or meal break. The reception role at NMK can be very demanding, and it is certainly encouraged that you be taking your breaks when you can! There a no set meal or break times in the schedule, so you are responsible for finding a suitable time in the diary to step away from the desk.

A rest break is a 10 minute paid break that counts as time worked.


A meal break is a 30 - 60 minute unpaid break that doesn't count as time worked.


An employee gets the following number of breaks, depending on the hours they work.


When taking a break, you are expected to:

  • Look at the diary and determine when it is appropriate to step away from the desk. As we have treatments running all throughout the day there are no set break times in the schedule. Alternate with your team mate if there are two of you working together on a shift, or discuss with the manager on duty to help out if needed.

  • Notify your team mates and manager on duty if you are stepping away to have a break.

  • Divert phones and notify Head Office if you have done so that way they can expect calls for your clinic.

  • If you are due a 'Meal break' and choose to take this, you must make sure that it is recorded and included on your timesheet.

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