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Training Videos

Below you will find our gallery of fantastic training videos to help you learn or refresh your memory on any of our important processes and proceedures! 



MindBody Basics

Mindbody Basic Overview

Meaning of Status vs. Service Mode

Meaning of Icons/Symbols on Appts

Appointment Notes

Client Profiles

Understanding Alerts

Searching for a client & Booking an Existing Client

Booking a New Client

Cancelling/Changing appointment times & Rebooking a client

Diary Notes and what to look for

Early Cancellation for an Appt

Therapist TimeOff/Unavailabilities

Cancellation List

Basic Retail Process

MindBody Detailed

Missed Appointments & Late Cancellations

Schedule Changes

Amending Payments

Reccuring Bookings

MindBody Quick Reporting

Tagging Client Groups

Gift Card Report

Cancellation Report

Top Clients/Big Spenders

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