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As a receptionist at No More Knots you are the first people client’s will see and interact with. For this reason, it is extremely important we make a great first impression for our clients as soon as they enter any NMK clinic. One of the many ways this can be achieved is through our presentation. It is expected that you arrive to work looking well put together and in the correct uniform.


We ask that you ensure you look professional and tidy for each shift.The reception team is the first point of contact for clients within the clinic. We ask that you arrive for work looking, neat, tidy and professional.

SHIRT: No More Knots provides each receptionist with a black polo shirt that must be worn every shift. If you loose your shirt or it needs replacing you will be responsible for purchasing one directly through Head Office. The cost of the uniform shirt is $35

No More Knots also provides you with a name badge which is expected to be worn pinned to the polo for each shift.


BOTTOMS: You are able to wear any bottoms as long as they are black, and work appropriate. These can be black dress pants, a black skirt, leggings or black shorts (they must be tailored and knee length).


SHOES: Shoes must also be black and closed in. Open toe shoes are not appropriate. Ballet flats, or black runners can be worn depending on the rest of the uniform choice.


WINTER: During the colder months, a black cardigan or black blazer may be worn over the NMK polo shirt. Sports jackets/jumpers are not permitted nor are jumpers/jackets that are not black.


ACCESSORIES/HAIR: The option of nail polish, jewellery and makeup is entirely up to you. Hair can be styled however you wish, as long as it looks neat and presentable.

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