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account balance

To run the account balance report, you may find it useful to create a Tag Group in order to view the account balances only for a select group of people. For example, as a manager, you may just wish to view if any of your team members have overdue accounts from shirts, or treatments that have not yet been paid for. 

In order to create this Tag Group, go to the 'Search for client' bar in MINDBODY and select 'Advanced search'.


In the Advanced Client Search screen you can filter different client features out in order to create a specified tag group for data collection. This feature is used during almost every single statistics report that we run in order to make sure we are collecting the most accurate information for what we are after. 


Before you start, if there is any existing data assigned to the Tag group, you will want to make sure that you clear it. You will know that there is existing data if there is a figure next to the 'Tagged clients only' tick box. If it says (0) the tag group is empty. If you need to clear anything, simply hit the [Clear] button. 


To see any negative balances applicable to team members, we want to filter our search to only look at client profiles that are linked to our 'Staff' discount group. To do this, go to the drop down box in the 'Client Info:' row which says 'all non-members & members' and select 'Staff'. Then click the little person icon in the bottom right-hand corner with the yellow tag (Tag New). 

Now you are good to run your report!


Go to the top right-hand navigation bar and select 'REPORTS'. 

Then find the 'Account Balances' report and click to view the report. 


Here you can filter different aspects of the data, but for this example of therapist balances you'll want: 

Sort by = Account Balance

Show: Negative Balances Only 

Tick the Tagged clients only box and hit 'Generate'. 

You'll then be able to see any profile under that tag group that has negative account information. 

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