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Below are some of the most common reports for a PM to understand and be able to use. These can be easily run directly in MINDBODY. 

Schedule at a Glance

Want a list of names and numbers for clients booked ahead on the schedule? Maybe we are urgently having to send out notification to all the clients booked in on a particular day. This report can not only give you an overview of the appointments that are booked in (this can be used for previous appointment history as well) but can be run to include mobile numbers to send out bulk communication from our messaging software. 

Commonly used for bulk messaging. For example, daily COVID text. 

Big Spenders

Want to know who your most loyal clients are? Just as the name suggests, this report will show you the clients who are generating the most revenue for your clinic. 

Commonly to understand who your VIP clients are, and RED DOG annual report. 

Appointment Metrics

This report will show you the hours that are available and the hours that have been filled by appointments. A useful report to understand what we have available in the coming weeks and what is booking up in advance. 

Commonly used for Weekly Business Stats Report, and Quarterly Clinic Stats Report. 

Clients per Teacher

If you are ever looking to understand how many visits a client has had with a specific therapist, this is your report. Use this to collect a list of your therapist's top/most regular clients! This report will supply contact information which can be easily transferred for a mail merge or bulk text communication.  

Commonly used for Therapist Upgrade or Farewell emails, and Quarterly Clinic Stat report. 


Want to understand how many cancellations were made over a particular period? Maybe we have had an odd client issue/diary concern and we want to see where the original appointment was and when/by whom it was cancelled. 

Commonly used for the Weekly Business Stats Report. 

Account Balances

This report is used to view clients who either have a positive or negative account balance on their MINDBODY profile. For managers, it is important to view whether there are team members who are using their staff account for purchases. All balances for staff/team members should be paid for on the day, but exceptions can be made. Especially for contractors, negative balances should be cleared in the pay run for each fortnight by deducting it from their invoice. All negative balances need to be cleared before a therapists last day if they are leaving the business. (See also Therapist Leaving Process)

Commonly used for as part of the therapist pay process, therapist leaving process, and monthly reconciliations

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