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NMK offers a number of different services to clients. Please note that our prices depend on the level of therapist seen and the length of treatment, not the service type (i.e. Initial, standard and pregnancy appointments all cost the same)

Below are some other points to be aware of: 

  • Treatment time includes assessment, treatment and follow-up. Its important to make sure clients are aware that a 1hr treatment does not mean 1hr of hands on treatment.

  • All Initial appointments should go for 1hr as this allows appropriate time for the initial consultation.

  • 30mins and 45mins are usually not suitable for initial consultations but execptions can be made - Try to recommend that a 1hr session might be more beneficial for New clients (when appropriate). 

  • 90mins are suitable for more complex or multiple complaints as it give the therapist more time for treatment of multiple areas

  • 2hrs are at the recommendation of the therapists only. Clients alone cannot book or request a 2hr apt without the recommendation of the therapist

Remedial Therapist

Remedial massage therapists at NMK have their Diploma of Remedial Massage, a minimum of 150 hours of clinical experience ranging up to 3 years!


These therapists are great for looking after maintenance, headaches and general aches & pains.











Senior Remedial Therapist or Myotherapist

Senior Remedial Therapists & Myotherapists at NMK have either their Diploma of Remedial Massage with extensive experience

or their Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy with a minimum of 1,000hrs experience working in the industry.  


These therapists are able to handle a range of complex issues and can incorporate techniques such as dry needling, cupping & neural glides.











Advanced Remedial Therapist or Senior Myotherapist

Advanced Remedial Therapists & Senior Myotherapists at NMK have either their Diploma of Remedial Massage, Advanced Diploma in Myotherapy or a Bachelor in Health Science, with significantly more experience and professional development.


These therapists have the ability to assess and treat complex issues and you could expect sometimes to have a longer assessment if client complex problems.











Practice Manager 

This is a unique price for our managers due to their experience level and limited availability. 












Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is a targeted, assessment-based approach to manual therapy. It is a treatment that focuses on the parts of the body that require attention in order to effectively treat a specific pain, condition or injury and restore function to the body.


A remedial treatment will firstly start with a health history check and assessment, including a review of the muscles & other structures involved in the area of complaint. Once the therapist understands the issues causing the pain, they will then perform a targeted manual treatment of the area. A remedial treatment is performed with a specific goal in mind which means that it will often be done over a series of sessions, where the therapist is constantly assessing the state of the client and noting any improvements or deterioration. This allows them to adjust their treatment and give their client the best possible chance of recovery.


As part of a remedial treatment, therapists will use a variety of different techniques in order to achieve an outcome for the client including; Swedish/relaxation, deep tissue therapy, trigger point therapy, muscle energy techniques, stretches and more.



Myotherapy is comprehensive and integrative approach to the assessment and treatment of your pain and dysfunction to identify the cause of your musculoskeletal conditions. It began as an extension of Remedial Massage but has emerged to treat more complex conditions and incorporates a deeper understanding of the human body, anatomy and physiology into its practice.


Myotherapists are primary practitioners and are trained in a wide range of orthopaedic, neurologic and functional testing to gain a thorough understanding of a client’s physical state. The current minimum qualification is an Advanced Diploma in Myotherapy, however, some Myotherapists complete higher education with a Bachelor of Health Science (Clinical Myotherapy).


Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is a version of remedial massage that is adapted to suit the specific needs of expectant mothers.

A woman’s body undergoes many physical changes during pregnancy, some of which can cause you pain and discomfort. Remedial massage can help to eliminate and relieve some of your symptoms and complaints that you may experience as you move through the positive physiological effects of pregnancy.

Our therapists undergo professional training in pregnancy massage, allowing them to translate their skills, knowledge and experience as remedial therapists into a comprehensive understanding of how to assist you, with your precious cargo on board.

At No More Knots, mums-to-be may take advantage of specially designed pregnancy massage beds which allow for safe front-lying treatment through the use of a void, (or hole), to accommodate a growing tummy. Pregnancy treatments may also be conducted side-lying, or in a seated massage chair if the client prefers.


Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage massage is a gentle massage technique that encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the body. It can reduce swelling and improve circulation throughout the lymphatic system, therefore improving overall wellbeing. 

While lymphatic drainage is taught as a component in the Diploma qualification of Remedial massage, it is a specialised form of massage treatment that may require additional training and experience.


*To see which of our therapists offer Lymphatic Drainage, see our ‘Therapist Skills Checklist’*


Dry Needling

Dry needling is a modern treatment designed to ease pain by inserting fine needles into ‘trigger points’ within a muscle tissue. As it is an invasive treatment technique, therapists who provide Dry Needling are required to have undergone the appropriate training qualification.

The needles used are the same tools used buy acupuncturists in their practice, but the principals behind the technique are different. Acupuncturists use needles to relieve pain, discomfort, or other issues by focusing on energy points and opening up a person’s energy flow or chi. We currently do not offer Acupuncture at No More Knots.

*To see which of our therapists offer Dry Needling, see our ‘Therapist Skills Checklist’*



Cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine in which specially designed cups are placed onto the skin to create a suction effect against the superficial tissues. Its practice dates back to ancient Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern cultures, and is known to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and wellbeing.

Cupping is a very safe modality to practice, and does not require specific training or qualifications to be used by a practitioner during treatment. The two common forms of cups used in treatment by therapists at No More Knots are made of silicone and glide easily across the skin for a massage-like effect, and acupuncture cups which are used with a pump to create a vacuum. We do not perform fire cupping or wet cupping at our clinic.

Not all therapists are comfortable or enjoy using cupping, and others love to incorporate it as part of treatment.

*To see which of our therapists offer Cupping, see our ‘Therapist Skills Checklist’*

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