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Developed by the NMK reception team, October 2012

The No More Knots reception team is the backbone of our amazing business! Our passion is providing exceptional customer service; ensuring that our clients don’t just have an amazing experience, but the BEST experience they’ve

EVER had in a remedial massage clinic! We are the first and last point of contact for clients, the face of the company, and we know that it is through our willingness to always go above and

beyond that clients form their lasting impressions of the business.


Through our consistent hard work and effort we “run the show”, organising not only our own day, but also the days of the whole team to ensure that the clinic run smoothly. We are the ice-cream and jelly that fills the cracks. Without us, the business could not operate effectively.


The clients at No More Knots are always our top priority. We understand them. We listen to them and go out of our way to ensure they feel respected and cared for. Our clients know that we have their best interests at heart. They notice the way

we always go the extra mile for them.


We take on board all feedback from our clients and colleagues and particularly value constructive feedback as a way of improving ourselves, our team and our processes. Commitment to being involved in regular reception workshops for the continuous improvement of our business practices is also of paramount importance to us.


The way we work together demonstrates the high level of respect we have for each other. We really value each and every member of the team and appreciate our differences as well as our strengths. We recognise the unique ways each of us work

and give each other the space to find the style that suits us best.


The dynamic we create between us produces a harmonious environment that is a joy to be part of! If we make a mistake, we accept responsibility and do what is needed to follow it up. In the event of a difficult situation we support each other fully to ensure that something happening today doesn’t affect the team tomorrow.


We believe in everyone’s right to enjoy coming to work and in sharing an even amount of work between all the reception team. Communication about daily tasks is always clear so that everyone has an equal understanding of exactly what needs to be done. Any extra tasks that are asked of us are accepted and completed with full responsibility.


We treat our work space like our home away from home and take full responsibility for keeping it impeccably clean and tidy, hygienic, comfortable and pleasant smelling. The mood we create is warm and inviting to clients and other staff.


No More Knots receptionists are the perfect mix of professional and efficient, friendly and vibrant. We are passionate about building relationships with all our clients so they become

part of the NMK family. Clients leave our clinic saying “Wow! I have never felt so well looked after by another reception team in all my life!”

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