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TEAM UPDATE | March 4th 2021

Hey Team, it's been a while but I'm back with another update! Please make sure to have a read through and touch base with me regarding any questions you might have. It is important that everyone is onboard and aware of all updates and changes that we might have made.

New Patient Forms

Thank you all very much for your continued efforts in making sure that we collect these from all clients. I understand that it has been a long and frustrating process as we are finding so many of our existing clients with form on their file. As we have previously explained, this is very important from a legal point of view so I do appreciate your patience with this process and your continued attention to it.

Please make sure you are taking the time to double check the details that are written on the form, making sure that all are then entered correctly into the client's profile.

Leaving messages and Using Burst SMS

As we discussed at our meeting, in the case that you are unable to speak with a client or therapist directly, please make sure that you follow up with a burst sms. This way the person we are attempting to contact can see immediatey who is trying to contact them and the general reason for it. Most clients will not recognise our number immediately and may not answer if they do not have the time or feel it is urgent. Even when a message is left, it is fairly common for people to not listen to it straight away. In an attempt to try and cut down on the time we are waiting for people to get back to us, please utilise our Burst SMS tool as much as necessary. Please just remember to be clear about them calling us back as we will not recieve any notification or be able to view the response if they choose to reply that way.

Confirmation Policy

Make sure that confirmation calls are going to all clients who have been booked before the present date.

For example: If it’s Friday and you are making calls for Saturday you will need to call anyone who was booked prior to Friday. If they were booked on Friday, please change them to purple and write the note “NNTC booked (today's date)”. We are assuming confirmation in this case as they booked the day before.

Important notes of our confirmation process

1. If you are leaving a voice message, please send a quick Burst SMS straight after.

2. First calls need to be made between 12pm – 2pm

3. Between 4pm – 5pm a second burst text needs to be sent asking the client to call the clinic to confirm their appointment. This is particularly important for those with a history of MALCS.

4. The morning of: any appointment that is not confirmed that we are still waiting to recieve confirmation for will need to be sent another message. The purpose of this message is to stress to the client the importance of them confirming their appointment or risk a fee being charged.

Please read the new policy update I have sent you via email today for the full rundown of the confirmation process and scripting for messages.

This document will also be available in our Reception Handbook/Guide which will hopefully be completed and available to you all in the coming month.


As always, your availability for the next month is due by the 10th of the month before. This gives me enough time to schedule the upcoming roster and gives the entire team enough notice of the shifts they are due to work.

Thank you all for you patience with the rosters for March. I have done my best to work with everyones availability, make sure hours are fair, and all shifts are covered. It is going to be a bit of a rocky few weeks ahead as I look to recruite more casual team members and train them but hopefully all will settle down soon. If you are struggling with anything please don't hesitate to reach out and have a chat to me.


Please ensure that you are always doing your best to be the warm and welcoming face of our clinics.

That means:

- Greeting/acknowledging each client AS SOON AS THEY WALK IN THE DOOR. Do not wait for them to arrive at the desk in front of you.

- Use eye contact. This demonstrates that you are paying attention to them and making them a priority.

- Smile! No matter how bad a day you are having, put on a warm face when you are behind the desk. Show people that you are kind and care about their experience here with us.

Remember, you are the first and last person each client sees, which means you can have an impact on how their experience starts and how it ends. Make sure you are having a meaningful and positive influence!



I think we are more than overdue to get together as a team and I would love to do something soon; however, I am aware of how full on March might be for us all. So, I would like to propose something for the weekend of the 10th/11th of April if everyone is interested. It will be a great opportunity for everyone to meet the new team members that will have joined us by that point.

I am open to any suggestions you might have, but current thoughts are another picnic at Newfarm park or a chill dinner and drinks somewhere easy for everyone. If people were up to an activity, we could look at a paint and sip, lawn bowls, holey-moley, or an escape room. I will put together a FB event soon, so please don't forget to RSVP and make your suggestions as to what we should do. I do want this to be something you are all interested and have input on.


Thanks Team,

Enjoy the rest of your week!

EM x

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