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Therapists wishing to treat only vaccinated clients

Some of them have personal/family health reasons for not wanting to risk exposure given they are in a small space with clients for 1hr or more.


Therapists who do not wish to see un-vaccinated clients have been made aware that this is going to be challenging at times for us to handle; however, we are going to try make this process as easy as possible for everyone through using messengerai to do most of the comms and avoid difficult conversations where we can.


Therapists have also been advised that they need to be prepared for this to impact their diary, we have around 80% of people vaccinated which means around 20% are not.

There will also be a percentage of clients who will not be happy about sharing their vaccination status; this can sometimes just come down to privacy reasons, in this case, we will need to treat them as if they are not vaccinated and move them to another therapist.

Step 1. 

The therapist will need to speak with a manager to advise them that they only wish to treat vaccinated clients moving forwards. We ask for a minimum of 2 days notice before this is enforced on their diary to give us the appropriate time to advise reception and contact their clients. 

Step 2.

The therapist will be sent a list of their regular clients and they will need to assist us in updating any clients they are already aware of who are fully vaccinated, who are not, and any they are unsure about. 


All therapist contracts state we need 6 weeks notice. Some people feel like this is a lot, however it takes at least 2 weeks minimum to find a replacement thearpist and then takes 4 weeks for their health funds to be approved. If they cannot give 6 weeks, try to stagger their days off the diary and find a compromise. If they work 5 days a week, see if they can move to 3-4 days then 2-3 days and then 1-2 days week by week so its not such a huge impact on the diary. 

Client Comms

Client communication is very important. We need the therapist to give us the name of 3-4 therapists they are happy to refer their clients to. We will include their names and shift availability in the email we send out to the clients. Ideally we send the email to clients 3-4 weeks prior to the therapist leaving with a $10 incentive for them to try a new therapist.

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