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Every Tuesday, our Feedback emails get sent through to all new clients who visited the clinic in the past week to give them an opportunity to share some of their feedback on their experience with us! The following process requires access to MindBody and Survey Monkey. 

Collecting Client Data - MindBody

  1. Search for client à Advanced search (bottom of drop-down box)

  2. Clear tagged clients à Click OK

  3. You should now have 0 ‘tagged clients’

  4. In the “Client type” box on the right of the screen, select All client types and then Tag Add à OK

  5. In the “Client type” box select Fake clients for scheduling and then click Untag Clients (click twice as it doesn’t work with just one click). This make sure only ‘real clients’ are tagged.

  1. In Mindbody, go reports and select the First Visit report

  2. Alter date range to reflect the dates to be surveyed. These dates are usually the previous Monday – Sunday

  3. Select “Show tagged clients only” and “All locations” à GO

  4. Export to Excel


Formatting Client Data - Excel

  1. Filter service category column and remove ‘fees’, ‘missed appointments’ or ‘blanks’

  2. Filter email column to show and blanks and remove. If there are emails missing that correspond to clients you will need to find out why there is no email here (e.g. client didn’t give there email, NP form hasn’t been uploaded yet, reception missed putting email in)

  3. Delete columns E à J

  4. Delete columns F à G

  5. Clear data from Client ID (Column A) and cut and paste client emails into column A

  6. Add column between Client name and First Visit

  7. Highlight the entire client column, go to the ‘Data’ tab at the top of the page and select Text to columns.

  8. Select ‘Delimited’, click next, untick ‘Tab’ and tick ‘Comma’, click next à Finish à OK. This step will separate last and first name of clients into different columns

  9. Cut and insert the client’s first name column in before their surname column

  10. Cut staff name and paste in front of date (column D)

  11. Highlight all data in Excel spreadsheet, in the ‘Home’ tab, click ‘custom sort’ in the drop-down box. Sort by column F (clinic location). Once it looks like the image below, click OK. This will sort the clients in order of what clinic they came to and will make it easier for us when we are sending the surveys to clients in clinic order!

  12. Last step – insert an empty cell in between each clinic location group. Once this is done, delete the clinic location column.

  13. At the end of these steps, spreadsheet should be in order: Email, First name, Last name, Therapist, First Visit date!

  14. Now save the document as CSV (comma delimited). We need this file in this format so we can open it with the program 'Notepad' later. 

Collecting Survey Responses - Survey Monkey

I like closing and collecting the old survey first before sending off the new one so there are no mistakes in closing the wrong survey :)

  1. On Survey Monkey, open up the survey from the previous week that you are wanting to close / collect responses from.

  2. Collect responses à 3 dots on the side (see below) à Close collector à Close collector

  1. Once the survey is closed, go to analyse results à Save as à Export file à All individual responses à Change to open in XLS à Export

  1. Open exported document.

  2. Delete columns A-F

  3. Copy all the data in the excel and paste into a new excel sheet as “transpose”

  4. Change the data to: Font: Calibri / Font size: 9 / Column width: 25 / Wrap text Cut rows 3 & 4 to the top of the rows. / Change “custom data 1” and “custom data 2” to “Therapist” & “Treatment Date” respectively / Highlight all therapist names in yellow / Put “all borders” around all data / Rows C-F à Centre the content Delete any data in column B that includes “response” and “open ended response” Remove any rows not containing any information

  5. Save document as “CLINIC NAME Feedback DATE RANGE”. Repeat this process for all clinic feedback for that week.

  6. Email these documents to PMs + KD + Emma.

Sending New Surveys- Survey Monkey

  1. Click “NoKnots” in the top right corner à Contacts

  2. Contacts --> Import multiple contacts

  1. On the left side of the screen, create 3 new groups. Name the groups the date range of your survey with either a G (Greenslopes), N (Newmarket) or T (Taringa) at the end. (E.g., 3rd – 9th January 2022 G, 3rd – 9th January 2022 N, 3rd – 9th January 2022 T)

  2. In the “Add Contact” section click manual, copy and paste the respective group of clients into the selected group. For example, you would add the Greenslopes client group into the group called 3rd – 9th January 2022 G.

  1. Repeat this step 3 time for all three clinics

  2. On the “My Surveys” screen, click “Create Survey”

  3. In the “Recent” section there will be surveys for each clinic. You will use these to send to each group of clients from the respective clinic.

  4. Click on the NMK Greenslopes Feedback Survey --> Copy this survey

  5. Remove “Copy of” in the title, so it reads “NMK Greenslopes Feedback Survey” --> NEXT -->  NEXT

  6. Send surveys your way --> Send by email

In the Send to box, look up the group name that you are sending this survey to


Change the subject to: No More Knots Feedback

Edit the message to (You can copy and paste the template below): 


Hi [FirstName],

We would like to invite you to help us to help you here at No More Knots by completing a short Customer Feedback Survey based on your visit to the clinic when you were treated by our therapist [CustomData1].   

We value your opinion and Customer Feedback is a vital tool in our endeavour to continue to provide exceptional customer service.  

We look forward to seeing you in the clinic again soon!  Please click the button below to start the survey. Thank you for your participation!

Kind Regards,
No More Knots!


Then click Next --> Next --> Send Now --> Send Once


Repeat these steps for each clinic survey group and make sure you use the premade survey for each individual clinic. 

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