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No More Knots has always placed a HUGE investment and emphasis on the importance of professional development. Ever since day dot, back in 2000 when we first started, Kelly ran regular small group workshops which eventually progressed into larger group tutorials. We invite in practitioners from all allied health fields, but also try to utilise the amazing knowledge & experience we already have within our team to help up level our teams confidence & skill set. One of the key reasons most thearpists come to work for NMK is the ongoing professional development available to them. This is through the monthly tutorials but also the smaller group workshops and also 1on1s which are always available on request to your Practice Manager. Make the most of this training, sometimes after a while people can take it for granted and forget to make it a priority. 
BELOW ARE SOME COOL EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS > Get amongst it & give us feedback on what you would like more of, less of or new ones! 




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